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Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist
 – Joe Sweeney, NCMT (nationally certified massage therapist)
Joe Sweeney is a nationally certified bodywork practitioner/massage therapist.  He specializes in helping people with pain.  Whether you are troubled by sports injuries, tension from stress, neck pain, back pain, or those little nagging aches that continually hinder your daily performance, Joe can help.  His diverse training allows him to provide you with a massage that meets your unique needs. Technical skills aside, I think you'll also find that he has the ability to 'tune-in' and intuitively sense problem areas that need attention.  Joe has a passion for his work and loves being able to help so many people in such a profound way.

Skills and Qualifications:
Certified in orthopedic and sports techniques.
Focused on continued education courses to maintain proficient in the latest techniques.
BCMT Certified in Inflammation and Neurovascular Compression techniques.
Complete list of testimonials available from clients in the area.
Committed to the integration of mind-body health through safe, focused and supportive bodywork.
Mature, honest, reliable, trustworthy, punctual, courteous, friendly, good listener and good communicator.