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From professional, world-class, and Olympic level athletes:
As a track and field athlete competing at the international level in the pole vault, Dr. Bivrell has helped me excel by keeping my body functioning at its best on a regular basis throughout the year.  With Dr. Bivrell’s help this year I was able to set a track and field world record in pole vaulting, clearing 18 feet for 19 consecutive years. (An 18 foot high vault is roughly equivalent to a 4 minute mile.)  By keeping my body “well-tuned," I avoid injuries while performing my best.  In athletics we have to push things to the limit to be competitive, and injuries do inevitably occur.  With Dr. Bivrell’s balanced and complete approach to healing, including bone structure, soft tissue and more, I am recovered and pole vaulting pain free as soon as possible.
Pat M.
World Class Pole Vaulter
Two-Time 1st Place Winner at Pan American Games
I first heard of Dr. Paul Bivrell from a friend over a year ago.  I compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and at the time I was suffering from a problem with my lower back.  After about two weeks working with Dr. Bivrell I saw tremendous results.  I was able to get back on my training schedule and prepare for one of the biggest tournaments of my life.  What is unique about Dr. Bivrell’s care is that he gives me exercises and stretches to do at home so I can be proactive instead of reactive with my injury.
Finnie M.
Two-Time Grapplers Quest National Champion
Head Instructor Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Boulder
As a professional distance runner, I have trusted Dr. Bivrell to treat everything from little niggles to full blown injuries over the past 6 years. Dr. Bivrell has a comprehensive understanding of the body that keeps me confident he is looking at the whole picture (muscles, skeleton, nerves, nutrition) rather than just the affected area.  He understands that it is not only important to treat an injury, but to figure out what caused it and what will keep it from reoccurring.
For athletes who want to combine the treatments of a chiropractor, physical therapist and massage therapist all in one, Dr. Bivrell’s treatments include ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat pads, neuro-muscular therapy and adjustments.
I highly recommend Dr. Bivrell whether you are a serious athlete or someone who just needs a professional with the wisdom and skill to keep you pain free.
Amy M.
World Class Distance Runner
From chronic back pain sufferers:
In December 2000, I had back fusion surgery and in May of 2001I had a complete right hip replacement.  Prior to these surgeries, I had three years of pain, misery, and both medical and chiropractic treatment that kept me going until I was advised by both doctors that no more could be done but surgery.  I had the surgeries and I did seven months of PT.
On the bulletin board of our office workroom and lounge for many months, I had seen the flyer w/photo of Dr. Bivrell denoting his services and philosophy of chiropractic care.  I guess I paid some attention to this flyer.  By the end of my PT treatment I was still in pain and on pain meds and couldn’t walk more than two city blocks at a time.  I had pain, stiffness and muscle spasms in both my back and groin area, predominantly on the left side.  I had been given lifts for my shoes by the PT.  I had been told by a different chiro that my leg lengths were different or appeared to be and that it could be either a result of the surgeries or muscular.  I got orthotics that did nothing.  My surgeon released me in November of 2001, telling me to work with my PCP.  I am 54 years old and this had been going on four years when I first saw Dr. Paul Bivrell.
A colleague had been telling me about Paul Bivrell for several months and about how much he’d helped her after her shoulder surgeries.  She too, had had a back fusion procedure.  One day as I crippled around the office, she came up to me and asked me to please call Dr. Bivrell and see what he could do for me.  It made her sad to see me in such misery with such pain in my eyes.
I went to my office and called immediately.  That was early December 2001.  At my first visit he assessed my condition and explained that my leg length difference was not due to the surgery.  He gave me stretching exercised to do which took about 10 minutes a day.  I had been doing about 35-40 minutes a day of the exercises I was given by the PT.  I got orthotics and had my walking and gait measured by a computer.  I now walk 20-30 minutes at a time.  I initially started seeing him three times a week.  I now see him once a week and we are moving to every ten days.  I walked at the zoo last week, during spring break, for one-and-one-half hours and was able to do so by stretching about every 20 minutes.  I have taken no pain meds since Dec. 12, 2001.
I thank Dr. Bivrell, for his treatment, his knowledge and his capability to treat my individual issues by thinking out my symptoms and my progress, and continuing to assess and re-assess my progress and regressions.  I am now living a much more normal and better quality of life due to his rehabilitative expertise.
My tremendous thanks,
Jeanne R.
P.S. He’s helped my family members and friends too!!!.
I used to live with chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain for years before I discovered Dr. Bivrell.  My regular doctors kept sending me to physical therapy that wasn’t very effective in giving any long term pain relief.
I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to afford chiropractic care, but Dr. Bivrell bills my insurance directly and my out-of-pocket expenses are the same as for any other healthcare service I get.
Thanks to Dr. Bivrell’s chiropractic treatments and his advice on how to lead a more back-friendly lifestyle, I’m now able to live pain free!
Anne Marie C.
From a chiropractic skeptic:
I would like to say that Dr. Bivrell restored my faith in chiropractors.  I’d like to say that, but I can’t. That’s because I never had any faith in chiropractors to begin with.
Some years ago, I worked as an auto insurance claims adjustor who viewed the chiropractic world with great suspicion.  Of course, I viewed everyone with suspicion back then.  I assumed that most people who visited the chiropractor were just trying to pump up the dollar value of their insurance claim--often at the advice of their lawyers. (See, I told you I was suspicious of everyone.)  The way I saw it, if you weren’t cutting, stitching, medicating, or putting someone in a cast, you weren’t really treating them and they weren’t really hurting anyway.
Fast forward to May of 2004.
Having made the career jump from claims adjustor to greeting card writer, I managed to shed most of my jaded views of society, but still harbored lingering doubts about the chiropractic field.  But because of my good health over the years, I really hadn’t had to give it much thought one way or the other.
Then it happened.  One day at the gym, I felt something in my back.  It wasn’t a major pain--just a tweak.  But I found that I could not do any weightlifting exercises without feeling some discomfort.  I didn’t push it, and I tried to give myself several days off from weight training, but the pain did not subside.
At that point a coworker, who noticed my stiff and labored manner as I moved about the office, suggested that I visit Dr. Bivrell, a chiropractor who had been very successful in helping her with back pain.  I took his card from my friend even while all my old prejudices regarding chiropractors came flooding back.  Since I had a trip to New York coming up in just two weeks--with its long plane rides and jumping in and out of taxis--I felt like I had no choice but to give the guy a try.
I made an appointment to see Dr. Bivrell the following Tuesday morning.  I was actually kind of proud of myself for addressing this before the situation got out of hand.  The night before my appointment, however, something big happened.  While at a music lesson in town, I bent over to pick up my guitar and was hit with a searing pain that took my breath away and rendered me unable to move for several minutes.  I managed to straighten up enough to use a phone to call my wife to come get me.  I couldn’t pick up my guitar, and I sure as heck couldn’t drive myself home.
The next morning, I almost had to cancel my chiropractic appointment because my pain had increased to a point to where I couldn’t figure out how to bend my body enough to get inside my car.  After about 15 minutes, I did manage to enter the car and my wife took me to see Dr. Bivrell.
Without going into great detail about my treatment, in about a week and a half, I progressed from being in constant, debilitating pain to being able to return to work and take my trip to New York without any discomfort at all.
I took an instant liking to Dr. Bivrell and his staff.  My opinion of him progressed from “Well, he’s not as squirrelly as I thought he’d be” to “I’d recommend Dr. Bivrell to anyone!”  We reviewed my exercise program, added a stretching routine, and eliminated exercises that could have contributed to my pain.
My wife was so relieved to see me out of pain that she insisted that I ask Dr. Bivrell if I should continue to see him periodically for maintenance.  Perhaps because of my days in insurance, I told her that if I made that suggestion, there was no way the doctor would turn away a steady stream of revenue.  So I was shocked when he said that, while it made sense for some of his patients, it really wasn’t necessary for me.  He won me completely over at that point.
Mike R.
Longmont, Colorado
Providing long-term relief:
I would like to thank you for your excellent service.  My back has not been this free of pain for the last ten years.
Your ability to diagnose and treat my mechanical back alignments, AND more importantly my lack of flexibility and balance, has proven to be extremely effective for me.
I will recommend you to my friends and associates with great pleasure.
Gerry W.
Boulder, Colorado