In order to make an informed decision when scheduling an appointment please first visit the CDC ( and Colorado’s Covid-19 ( websites for the latest information on how to best protect yourself and details on who is at greatest risk.

For the latest directives and orders from Boulder County and the City of Louisville please visit and .

We have instituted the following changes to our office procedures in response to the viral pandemic:

  1. We ask that no one comes to our office with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (such as fever, cough, chills, body aches, sore throat).
  2. We ask that no one comes to our office who has come in contact with someone with these symptoms in the past week.
  3. We have staggered our booking slots, allowing for a 20 minute gap between appointments. This will minimize patient to patient contact in the office and allow us to clean surfaces between appointments. If you do arrive early for your appointment, please wait in your vehicle until your scheduled appointment time. It would be prudent to wear gloves or cover your hand while opening the door to the building.
  4. The chiropractic table (especially the head-piece area and arm rests), door knobs, waiting room chair, credit card machine, pens, the front desk counter top, and any other surface that may have been touched will be cleaned between every treatment. Ultrasound heads, electric muscle stimulation pads, and massage tools will receive thorough cleaning between use.
  5. Dr. Bivrell will be wearing gloves and a mask during your treatment. Patients are encouraged to bring their own mask to wear during treatment.
  6. These efforts do not guarantee the prevention of viral transmission, and therefore coming into the office still poses a risk to your own health.


  • We treat using natural means that maximize your body’s innate ability to heal.

  • We focus on therapeutic care that provides relief of your symptoms as quickly as possible.

  • We offer ergonomic advice and customized stretches and exercises to provide long-term relief.

  • We use therapies that are supported by science and have demonstrated effectiveness.

  • We employ the golden rule – we treat you the way we expect to be treated ourselves.

  • We focus on empowering you with the tools necessary to achieve optimal health.

  • We want you to become a partner in your own healthcare, without relying solely on in-office care.

  • We offer a multi-disciplinary approach, combining traditional chiropractic techniques with massage, myofascial release, and rehabilitation.