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Dr. Bivrell has attained advanced post-graduate training in spinal rehabilitation as part of his focus on active care for his patients.  The goal of rehabilitation is to strengthen muscle groups that have weakened because of imbalances that have been created over time or from injury.  The weakened areas are strengthened with a variety of techniques that include floor exercises, gym ball exercises, and wobble boards to activate or “wake up” the small muscles that stabilize and support the spinal column.  The principals of core stabilization are also employed to strengthen the trunk and postural muscles.  Our treadmill and heart rate monitors can be used in order to assess a patient’s aerobic capacity for safe and effective intensity levels.  Home versions of these exercises are demonstrated, reviewed for proper form, and progressed to more challenging versions over time.  Advice about cardiovascular exercise (what type, duration, and intensity) and the safe use of traditional exercise equipment in gyms are reviewed as well.