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Dr. Bivrell has several different traction devices that can be used in two distinct ways.  The first type is used to decompress injured joints in the spine by very gently separating the joint surfaces.  This can have the effect of reducing any irritation on spinal nerves, reducing inflammation, or increasing joint motion.  This type of therapy can be very effective for conditions that do not respond to manipulation treatments or for those whose conditions are too severe to warrant manipulation.
The other type of traction involves restoring a more normal curve in the neck.  This technique is used for those patients who have both an abnormal shape to their cervical spines (necks) and symptoms in their necks or down their arms.  The therapy is performed in office, but is more importantly used at home on a daily basis for a defined period of time that varies from patient to patient.  This type of traction can be very effective for patients with chronic neck pain or symptoms down the arms and hands such as pain, numbness, or tingling sensations.